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Chinese (Kongming) Sky Lanterns 10 Pack - Available in Red, White, or Blue -Elliptical Shapes - Biodegradable and Eco Friendly


We The Planet’s Chinese Sky Lanterns Will Add a Unique Touch to Any Occasion!

An Ancient Tradition That Endures

Sky Lanterns date back to Ancient China, when paper lanterns were written on and used to signal troops throughout the army by military strategist, Kongming. Today, floating lanterns are used in Thailand to mark the New Year! You can bring this beautiful tradition to your next party or celebration with our rice paper lanterns, available in white, blue, or red and in either heart or elliptical shapes!

A Unique Way to Mark a Special Occasion

Balloons and streamers are classics, but don’t provide that “wow” factor. Our lanterns are sure to impress! Simply light the candle wax fuel and release to fill the air with flickering, soft light. Sized at 90 x 50 x 35mm (3.54”x1.97”x1.38”), our lanterns will float away, up to 1000m, and look like fireflies surrounding your event. Let your guests release their own lanterns after writing a wish on them, and release them into the air or over water where they can watch them float into the sky!

Our lanterns are perfect for:

  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Christmas
  • New Year’s Eve
  • Bonfires
  • Weddings
  • Memorials
  • And More!

An Eco-Friendly Alternative to Other Light Displays

Here at We The Planet, we are committed to offering our customers the most environmentally friendly products available. Other light displays, like fireworks, release harmful toxins and chemicals into the air. Our lanterns are made from all-natural rice paper and are completely biodegradable!

Impress your guests at your next event, with an unforgettably beautiful display, add the We The Planet Chinese (Kongming) Sky Lanterns to your cart today!