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Yoga Wheel

Eco-Friendly Dharma/Stretching Wheel | Improve Your Core and Technique From Home

  • IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS: With the aid of our Yoga Wheel, you can improve your technique with backbends and other intermediate poses from the comforts of your own home. Show off your new technique next time you go to class and wow your friends!
  • STRENGTHEN YOUR CORE: Use the Wheel to improve your core strength to then improve your overall ability to execute other poses with greater finesse! Specifically, the Wheel can greatly strengthen your spine which is key to a lot of Dharma poses
  • DO YOUR BIT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: As we craft our products from recycled materials, a purchase of our product is a contribution towards doing your bit to the health of our planet!
  • INCREASE YOUR POSE RANGE: Attempt and master new poses with the aid of the Wheel to develop your moves you might not have otherwise attempted! Surprise yourself in seeing what you can achieve!
  • STRETCHING MADE SIMPLE: Efficiently stretching and warming up your muscles is vital to preventing injuries to your body. The Wheel can aid you with your Pre-Yoga routine by stretching your muscles easier and more effectively than standard stretches!

    • Perfect Those Poses: This high-quality, sturdy prop can assist with yoga postures such as backbends, crow, crane & headstands. Master poses and get more out of every session!
    • Antimicrobial: Special additive helps prevent buildup of mold, bacteria, fungus & related odors, so you can use your yoga wheel anywhere with confidence.
    •  Extra-thick, soft, nontoxic foam padding provides enduring comfort so you can hold poses for longer. Size: 12 x 5.”
    • Relieve Stress & Tension:This Yoga Wheel is ideal back opener and stretcher Facilitates a variety of exercises that help loosen tight, knotted muscles; increase 
    • Shipping Weight: 3.4 pounds