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June 26, 2019

  • ✔ ​ Get Cooking Quickly - No need to wait for hours while your frozen food thaws enough to cook! Our defroster board thaws food rapidly - in 60 min or less - and will be cooked and plate-ready in what feels like an instant compared to heating with water or leaving it out on a baking tray or mat on the kitchen counter! Our trays are large enough to fit any choice of foods. So whether you're cooking steak, chicken breasts, hamburgers, or shrimp, our miracle trays will heat them like magic
  • Free Digital Food Thermometer Included - We are dedicated to our customers' safety, which is why we include free thermometers with all purchases, so you can make sure that your food is hot, fully-cooked all the way through, and ready for your plates! The chef in your life will feel like a professional with this food-safe, and smart, bundle!
  • ✔ ​Heat and Electricity Free - Absolutely no microwave or warm water is needed when using our defrosting trays! Our metal trays are made from highly conductive black aluminum, which transfers heat from its surroundings to your food swiftly, so you'll be oven, barbecue, stove, or chopping-ready in no time!
  • ✔ ​ 100% Safe and Free of Chemicals - Here at We The Planet, we are committed to offering our customers the only the best and most environmentally-friendly products! None of our products contain chemicals, harmful to your of the environment, so you can feel safe and at peace placing your food on our defrosting trays!
  • ✔ ​Quick and Easy Clean-Up - This defrosting tray is easy to wipe off and completely dishwasher safe, providing fast preparation and fast clean-up so you can enjoy more post-meal downtime!